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Canadian Wholesale Hydroponics is your one stop online shop for all your hydroponic and indoor gardening supplies.
100 % Canadian owned and operated.
We can ship to anyone, Anywhere in Canada. Large order or small, we will get it to you.

We can help you design your room from start to finish and have all the equipment you will need. We can work with you on any budget and design you something that will work for you. We also specialize in working with new MMAR patients and growers looking to get setup and who need help from the beginning to the end. No room is too big or small. We can quote you on any project you may have and LOVE working with new custom setups and designs.

With a full selection of all the best products at the best prices, you can shop with confidence knowing you will always have the best service and get the best price. After 11 years in the online business and 10 in retail we know how important good customer service and quality equipment is to your success and our goal is to make sure that you have the best at all times. Our customer support team is only a phone call or email away. If you ever see a product we don't have in stock please let us know as Canadian Wholesale Hydroponics has access to all kinds of products offered through various distributors across North America and can bring in almost anything you need.

Our orders can be shipped out of Montreal, Winnipeg or B.C to save cost and cut down shipping times as well. So depending on your location we can often speed up the time of your order compared to what our competitor's can offer. Canadian Wholesale Hydroponics can ship to anyone anywhere in Canada. By using various carriers we can get the product to you in the furthest locations as well as the closest city or town. Local Delivery is usually available at no charge.

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