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AEROFLO 30 aeroponics garden

AEROFLO 30 aeroponics garden

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With a 20-gallon reservoir and thirty plant sites, the AeroFlo® 2 30 site system’s three grow chambers can be kept side-by-side or fanned out in a radial pattern to maximize growth on lower branches. The AeroFlo® 2 30 site is perfect for those who want a smaller, high performance system, particularly well-suited to growing lettuce, basil, and other small plants up to three feet in height. The AeroFlo2 30 is sized 2'6" x 7'

This system includes:

  • 20 gallon reservoir
  • Three 6 ft. grow chambers
  • Bluestone pump
  • injection manifold
  • support structure
  • 3" grow cups
  • Hydroton
  • 3 part Flora Kit
MARITME Provinces, Yukon and NWT add $25 extra for shipping due to size and weight