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Root!t with Gel4Plugs

Root!t with Gel4Plugs

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ROOT-IT rooting gel can root in 3-4 days, with no visible wilt, with more root development and happy stress free clones from day one! This fantastic product comes in a gel that stays firm in your plug replacing the need for hormone rooting powder or other inferior rooting gels.

ROOT-IT, unlike other rooting gels is placed directly into the central cavity of the plug. Just 1ml or less is sufficient to ensure rooting of softwood cuttings. The gel contains indole Butyric Acid (IBA) and other active ingredients to ensure effective rooting and healthy root growth.

ROOT-IT produces vigorous roots with minimum maintenance.  It delivers its active ingredients over a long period.

The gel forms a seal around the cut surface of the cutting, aiding uptake and helping prevent dehydration infection.

It will work equally effectively with Rockwool, peat, fibre or combination plugs.