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Cyco Coco Coir

Cyco Coco Coir

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Cyco Coco is a rich premium coco substrate of the highest caliber. RHP certified, all procedures from the collection of raw materials to production and packaging are subject to stringent quality standards to assure gardeners this product is top grade.

  • structurally sound
  • easy to use
  • recyclable - washes up and can be used several times (See Enzymes Komplete for a perfect garden cleaner that works amazingly to recondition used coir)
  • high temperature treated so it's weed and disease free
  • pre-washed and buffered to be used right out of the bag!
  • Has remarkable pH buffering ability to help you greatly reduce swings in pH levels that can stunt plants and cause major issues

Use Cyco Coco as a medium for container gardening, nursery pots and planters. Ideal for automated soilless gardening systems as well.

Feed with specialty coco, hydroponic or organic nutrients that include both macro (NPK) and micro (trace elements).

Also functions as an excellent conditioner/amendment when mixed with soil, sand, peat or other growing media.

Suitable for use indoors or outdoors.