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Airbox 2 with 6

Airbox 2 with 6" Stealth Fan

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Combo Air Box 2 + Stealth Fan 6"

Air Box 2 Stealth Edition 800 CFM 6" Flanges:

Technical Specifications :

The heavy-duty Air Box 2 will successfully eliminate odors for up to 18 months.

Carbon filter should be changed often; please replace filters every 3 month (all of them) for better results


Air Exclusive

Coconut Shell Carbon Granules

These activated carbon granules are an absorbent with well developed pore structure allowing for a range absorbent retention.

The high hardness number allows for a minimal granular breakage and the kindling point of this activated carbon is usually high.

This activated carbon is particularly well suited for removal of organic contaminants and precious metal recovery.

Max cfm: 1200 @ 0.1 sec contact time

Recommended Airflow: 600 @ 0.05 sec contact time

Designed for the Stealth Fan 8”

Prefilter : No

Flange: 6

Dimensions: 22” x 10” x 12”

Number of Cartridge: 2

Cartridges Size: 12” x 20”1”

Total Weight: 24 lbs

Max Operating Temp: 176 F


Stealth Fan 6" 171 CFM


171 CFM 4 Inch Centrifugal Inline Fan 4 inch

Quiet and Powerful, it obliterates excess heat and circulates fresh air!

•Silent, Powerful

•Durable Ceramic-Coated Bearings

•High Quality Molded Impeller

•Thermally Protected AC Motor

•Ul Recognized Components

•Includes: Metal Housing, Mounting Brackets, 8 Foot-120V Cord