Air Box 3 and Filter Combo

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Air Box 3 Stealth Edition 1200 CFM 8" Flanges

The heavy-duty Air Box 3 will successfully eliminates odors for up to 18 months

Carbon filter should be changed often; please replace filters every 3 month (all of them) for better results

Max cfm: 1200 @ 0.1 sec contact time
Recommended Airflow: 600 @ 0.05 sec contact time
Designed for the Stealth Fan 8"
Prefilter : Yes
Flange: 8"
Dimensions: 30”x 12” x 12”
Number of Cartridge: 3
Cartridges Size: 12”x 20” x 1”
Total Weight: 45 lbs
Max Operating Temp: 176 F

Stealth Fan 8" 745 CFM
745 CFM 8 Inch Centrifugal Inline Fan 8 inch
Quiet and Powerful, it obliterates excess heat and circulates fresh air!

  • Silent, Powerful 
  • Durable Ceramic-Coated Bearings 
  • High Quality Molded Impeller 
  • Thermally Protected AC Motor 
  • Ul Recognized Components 
  • Includes: Metal Housing, Mounting Brackets, 8 Foot-120V Cord 


Get the filtering power of the Airbox refillable air filter with the powerful yet quiet output of the Vortex 8" inline fan in a combo package and save 10% after tax and shipping!