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FloraBlend Vegan Compost Tea

FloraBlend Vegan Compost Tea

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Fermented from a mix of plant materials, seaweeds, rock powders and humic acids, the method provides a feast for a highly active mixture of microorganisms, so they can multiply quickly and form new compounds.

Turn available nutrient sources into key components for growth with extra help from FloraBlend.

Stronger Roots = More Growth
By developing new compounds that are highly soluble and easily used by plants, FloraBlend contributes to more vigorous root systems and a stronger plant structure.

The biologically derived blend will have a huge impact during the crucial vegetative stage. You'll see a remarkable increase in the mass, size and number of roots, stems and foliage.

FloraBlend can be used on all vegetable, fruit and flowering plants, from just after germination into the early stages of flowering and fruiting.

Used in a variety of growing setups, including hydroponics, coco, soil and soiless.