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400 Watt CMH Eco-Ballast Complete KIt

400 Watt CMH Eco-Ballast Complete KIt

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Here's a complete CMH kit that runs on a 400 W HPS/MH style ballast.  Comes with a complete light set-up of :

  • 400 Watt Ultra Grow Eco-Ballast 
  • 400 Watt GE Ceramic Metal Halide lamp
  • A Bluestar chrome reflector w mogul base socket and lamp cord

Its standard ballast wattage and lamp base type allows for easy switch out of CMH for HPS or MH if need be!

A very economical way to start using CMH in your garden.

Already have a reflector and want to use it with a CMH ballast and lamp?  Check out this complete CMH light kit!