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Versa Grow w/ Light Kit Combo (400 Watt)

Versa Grow w/ Light Kit Combo (400 Watt)

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A super economical way to get growing hydroponically. The compact size of the Versa Grow Garden plus the growing power of a 400 Watt Lightspeed digital ballast kit can turn any space of a few square feet into a produce-producing powerhouse!

The Versa Grow comes complete with reservoir, water pump, pots, tubing, fittings, and a starter pack of General Hydroponics brand nutrients;

The 400 Watt light kit comes with a digital ballast that detects lamp type (MH/HPS) and voltage (either 120 or 240V) , a socket with 15' lamp cord, a Bluestar White anodized reflector, and a Philips 400 Watt HPS lamp.

We also include a bag of hydroton clay pellets to fill all 10 pots and a pair of ratchet light hangers to make light adjustments a snap!

Just add water and you're set!