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A powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for roots of fast-growing plants that already have roots or root initials. RHIZOTONIC stimulates further root development, increases the plant’s resistance to disease and promotes strength.

A vigorous and well developed root system is essential for the development of a strong, productive plant. Rhizotonic contains nutrients derived from marine algae and is used to re-vitalize and energize a poor or new root system.

Rhizotonic is ideal for:
  • Cuttings and plants that need to be repotted
  • Poor and badly developed plants
  • Plants which have suffered shock
  • ALL MEDIA (Soil, Coco, COGr, Hydroponics, can also be used as foliar spray)

100% natural, with multiple vitamins, RHIZOTONIC is the ideal supplement with its calming effect on plants, and is ideally suited for use when shipping or re-potting plants, and will also improve plants that are unhealthy or poorly developed.

RHIZOTONIC is often sprayed on leaves and can be used as a simple means for raising the pH level in fertilizer tanks.