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Canna Boost

Canna Boost

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A powerful flowering stimulator

  • Specially developed for fast growing plants, it improves quality and increases yields
  • Leads to a more homogeneous harvest because the fruits mature evenly
  • Assures excellent yields, also better taste
  • Suitable for EVERY substrate
  • Can also be used as a foliar spray

Combines perfectly with PK 13/14:
CANNABOOST increases a plant’s photosynthesis which assures that fruits form more quickly.

This means the availability of nutrients is VERY important for achieving optimum results with CANNABOOST.

Using CANNA when feeding guarantees the availability of all these nutrients, and PK13/14 added to the CANNA feeding provide EVEN BETTER results, because PK 13/14 provides the plant with extra flowering elements while CANNABOOST assures the plant has the energy to utilize these elements - Truly a PERFECT combination!