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Agrolux 1000 Watt Double-ended Digital Ballast

Agrolux 1000 Watt Double-ended Digital Ballast

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The ALF 1000W Double-ended digital ballast, with it's higher frequency (120 khz output) is specifically designed to power Double-ended lamps!

Great when you want a remote ballast for easier change-out, and when you only want to change reflectors. It's plug & play design keeps things simple.  A mogul and 15' lamp cord is also included.


Dual voltage adjustable
True 1000W output, dimmable from 60% to 100% with Super Lumens switch
Light-weight, runs quiet and cool
Designed for a great heat dissipation and long life
8 foot power cord 120V and 240V included
Rubber feet to reduce noise and vibration
CSA approved



  • Input: 120-240V, 50/60Hz
  • CF<1.6, PF>0.97, Imax=9.7A
  • Ta=40C/104F ; Tc=70C/158F
  • O.C.V=250V
  • Maximum length for lamp cord: 15m/49ft
  • Output frequency: 120kHz
  • RF (Radio Frequency) filter
  • Use with 1000W 400V double ended lamp only
  • Unit Dimensions: 14.0” L x 6.5” W x 4.0” H
  • Unit Weight: 10.8 lb