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CMH 315 Watt Complete Light Kit

CMH 315 Watt Complete Light Kit

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A Complete set to get growing with Ceramic Metal Halide lighting!

We've bundled the Silverstar Ballast and reflector one piece unit with your choice of 3100 K or 4200 K or both lamps.

Buying the components separately would cost you $639.90.  We've knocked $70.00 off the price when you bundle them together!

The beauty of the ceramic metal halide (CMH) is the marriage of its blue veg spectrum and the bloom driving red spectrum into one powerful bulb.

The spectrum is dialed in to what the plants can use, meaning less watts needed for the same yield.  There's much less heat as well, making cooling a much easier task.  The lamp orientation in the reflector is vertical, which allows the initial heat to dissipate before hitting your plants, allowing them to be closer to the light without the risk of leaf burn.