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Complete 630 Watt Double Ended (DE) CMH Light Kit

Complete 630 Watt Double Ended (DE) CMH Light Kit

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A CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) Light Complete kit with the added benefits of DE technology.

The CMH lamp at 3100 K is the perfect mix of blue spectrum vegetative friendly light, with ample portions of red spectrum flower pumping light.  Easily replace 1000 Watts or more of HID lighting and spare cooling costs as well.  The more efficient PAR of the CMH DE lamp will allow you to bring the fixture closer to the plant canopy to get increased penetration and more optimal use of the light.

The fixture is a combo of the Lightspeed 630 W DE digital ballast and horizontal mount reflector that houses the 2-pin double ended lamp.`



Add on an extra 4200 K lamp to max out your vegetative growth before switching into the 3100 K lamp to transition into the flowering stage.