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General Organics Combo Pack 4L

General Organics Combo Pack 4L

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Get all the necessary nutrients and additives to run a full cycle with the General Organics line.

Save $35.00 off the price of buying each separate.

Bio Thrive Grow and Bloom are your staple nutrients from pure and natural vegan formulations, even great with soil mixes.

Bio Root, great for cuttings and seedlings, as well as the vegetative stage, will get your root zone in order and keep it that way, encouraging heavy beneficial microbial activity.

Bio Weed is an additive to increase the vitality of the plant all around, increasing metabolism and production of new roots stems, and leaves, even under stressful conditions, mainly during the vegetative phase.

Bio Bud will power up your Bloom period, increasing the availability of minerals and amino acids, aiding abundant and accelerated fruit formation, perfect partner for the Bio Thrive Bloom component.