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Active Aqua Grow Flow 5 gal System w/Controller Unit

Active Aqua Grow Flow 5 gal System w/Controller Unit

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Active Aqua's Grow Flow ebb & flow system is the best one on the market when it comes to efficiency. The controller unit is a breeze to program and you can pretty much "set it and forget it."

The pumps are only pumping a short time each day, so the system is extremely reliable and efficient. Just set the fill and drain cycles, and the controller unit does the rest!

As for safety, the Grow Flow is the only system of its kind with fail-safe overflow protection - meaning that if the float valve stops operating, the LED indicator lights up on the control panel and the emergency shut-off valve automatically shuts down the system.   No spillage or damage to your growing area.

Grow even more with one or two convenient Grow Flow Expansion Kits* to allow up to 24 growing modules on one single 5-gallon system.

*Each kit includes 12 growing modules

    125 liters of grow media (not included but available HERE) will properly fill the 12 grow sites. Easy to use and simple to understand, you can have it set up and be growing in one hour!  When fully flooded with water the Grow Flow System takes approximately 1.95 gallons of water per plant site (may vary with media). 120 Volts/60 Hz. Patent No 9,176,503.