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LED Blackstar 500W UV Vegetative

LED Blackstar 500W UV Vegetative

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This 500 Watt unit covers 12 square feet (3'x4'). 168 individual 3W LED Diodes in a light this size is extremely effective for developing your plants. 6 bands (unique color wave lengths) of light are used to optimize the light that growing plants require. A unique combination of 60 degree, 90 degree, and 120 degree LEDs are used for a perfect balance between penetrating power and coverage area. Lighthouse Hydro has formulated their lights to maximize the color spectrum needed vegetative growth.

Equivalent to 900 W of HID light, this LED has much more available PAR spectrum, the plant usable range of light produced.  As well, it doesn't throw off much heat at all, and allows a grower to place the light much closer to the canopy, as close as 15".

Great for confined spaces like a closet, grow tent, or small room.  The minimal heat build up will allow you to pack more wattage into a small area.


Specifications: - Size: 19.75" x 12.25" - Coverage Area: 4' x 3' (12 Square Feet) - LED Chipset: 3W - Number of LED's: 168 - Rated Hours: 50,000 - Bands: 6 Band - Red: 630, 660nm - Blue: 425nm - Infrared: 730nm - Ultraviolet: 380nm - White: 12000k - Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v - Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU) - Warranty: 1 Year All Inclusive