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Philips MASTER COLOR Elite MW 315 Watt CMH Lamp

Philips MASTER COLOR Elite MW 315 Watt CMH Lamp

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The Philips Ceramic Metal Halide lamp features superior color quality and very crisp white light.

Incredibly high 1.95 PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) per watt per second light source means no wasted energy producing light your plants can't use.

Two Types available:

The 4,200°K color temperature lamp gives a neutral balance of red and blue spectrum.The 3100 K lamp is tilted more towards the flowering friendly red spectrum

 High 90% lumen maintenance at 8,000 hr, and still 85% maintenance at 20,000 hr.  Delivers potency throughout its lifetime!

Double glass jacketed lamp can be used in either open fixtures (without glass lens) or enclosed fixtures (with glass lens).

For use in Bi-pin lamp base sockets.