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Remo Nutrients Supercharged Kit

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The Remo Supercharged Kit contains all of the following:

1 x 1L Remo's Grow
1 x 1L Remo's Bloom
1 x 1L Remo's Micro
1 x 1L Remo's VeloKelp
1 x 1L Remo's MagNifiCal
1 x 1L AstroFlower
1 x 1L Nature's Candy
1 x shot glass size measuring cup
1 x lighter leash

Get a 1 L bottle of each of the Remo base nutrients and all the additives.

You'll also get a REMO 4 x 6" oil slick pad, a shot glass cup, and a sweet leash to help you hold on to your lighter!

Our 1L  3 pack of Remo Grow, Bloom and Micro:  Regular price $52.95

Our 1L  4 pack of Remo Supplements: Regular price $109.95      

Total    $162.90  

Already a great savings, NOW all seven in one SUPERCHARGED pack for ONLY $127.95!  SAVE $35.00!