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Speedee Trim Corded Hand Trimmer

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Speedee Trim corded hand trimmer comes with 4 different blade styles, each includes a Blade Scrubber Box.

Electric Trimmer Specs: 120V AC, 60Hz .04 AMPS
Weight: 1.06 lbs
Cord length: 7 ft

The Butterfly dual sided blade w/ forward angled teeth to maneuver around tight spots is for multi directional high volume manicuring and is best utilized on large, densely grown freshly cut wet flowers.  It has a tooth section length of 2 5/16”.

The Piranha blade length is shorter for optimal control. It's thinner too for cleaner cuts with the ability to get into even tighter places than any of the other models.  Smaller micro edge teeth with a custom forward angled tip let you manicure with near surgical precision and makes this blade ideal for manicuring dried flowers.
The tooth section length measures at 1 3/4".