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Suite Leaf Nutrient Kit

Suite Leaf Nutrient Kit

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The Suite Leaf Starter Kit allows you to save some money and grab all three of our organic, premium plant base nutrients formulated for both hydroponic and soil systems!

We'll even throw in the Cal-Mag Maximizer. Cal-Mag Maximizer 250 ml is a natural organic product that is the ultimate calcium and magnesium supplement for your plants and is formulated for hydroponic and soil indoor gardening systems. It helps to increase your plant’s vigor, builds strong cell walls and produces lush, green leaves for larger yields.

Organic home gardeners & growers, you will love the complete line that helps maximize your yield, grow strong roots and keep your plants healthy throughout the growing cycle.

Suite Leaf uses only premium ingredients extracted and manufactured in the USA. Get started today with the easy-to-use Suite Leaf Starter Pack and start exceeding your expectations.